Victory Jazz Members

Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas has a long association with the experimental musical tradition both as a Classical Composer and as a Jazz musician. His musical interests were nurtured by his mother Helen and his father “Buddy”, a gifted amateur pianist and entertainer. Ron was attracted to both the Classical Music and the Jazz that he heard growing up at home and eventually became a Classical Composer and a Jazz pianist. He has a Master's degree in Composition and has enjoyed the friendship and counsel of such well-known musicians as John Cage and Herbie Hancock. In 1972 Ron recorded with guitarist Pat Martino, (”Live!”, now reissued as “Head and Heart”) and with saxophonist Eric Kloss (”One, Two, Free”). Ron is admired for his lyrical and well crafted Jazz playing and his impressive catalog of classical works. Three previous sessions as a leader on the Vectordisk label are also available, “Scenes from a Voyage to Arcturus”, “The House of Counted Days” and “17 Solo Piano Improvisations”.


Glenn Ferracone

Glenn Ferracone (CEO, drums, percussion) is a Grammy-nominated producer who has worked with man of today’s top musicians in jazz, rock, blues and classical music. Numerous recordings in his catalog have topped national and international charts, and have also been critically acclaimed bestsellers. Producing credits include Papa John, Johnny and Joey DeFrancesco, Larry McKenna, Lee Smith, Bill Goodwin, Dave Liebman and many others. He collaborates regularly with John Diliberto on NPR’s award-winning show, Echoes, featuring artists such as Hillary Hahn and Christopher O’Riley of  From the Top. Glenn’s drumming discography includes well over 100 titles, featuring many regionally and nationally known performers. He has also appeared with Joe Cocker, Hunter Davis, Steve Allen, Chubby Checker and Robert Goulet. For the past 25 years, Glenn has been a leading figure in the Chester County music scene, creating and directing music programs for numerous area venues and festivals, as well as leading his own jazz group. He has served as a clinician at Berklee College of Music, The University of the Arts, West Chester University, Rowan University and Lehigh University. Glenn maintains an active teaching schedule at The Music Centre, which he founded in 1991, and many of his students have excelled in local, district, state and regional ensembles. Glenn’s students have also been accepted into major university music programs and gone on to fruitful professional careers.

Chico Huff

Born in Savannah, GA, I moved to Massachusetts at a very young age. My interest in playing music began when my father brought home an electric guitar and amp one night when I was around 11. I turned it up to ten, played a power chord, and I was converted. I played primarily guitar until the age of 15 or sixteen.

I began playing mostly with a guitarist friend of mine, Ralph Nelson and my brother Nick on drums. Ralph and I would switch off on bass for the makeshift power trio. Eventually the balance became more me on bass. I then got my first gig ever playing bass and

that was it, I was a bassist. I never had formal schooling so it's all been playing by ear and trial and error. I've picked up enough sight reading skills to get by but I won't be getting called to play West Side Story any time soon.

I've always felt what I missed in terms of the technical aspects of music I made up for in learning how to adapt to different styles of music, using my ears to find the best part for whatever I'm playing, and learning much about being out there on the gig making things work on the fly.

Over the years I've had the pleasure of playing music with James Taylor, Carly Simon, Solas, Cathy Ryan, Karan Casey, Jeff Golub, Richard Elliot, John Swana, Liz Carrol, John Doyle, John Belushi, Charlie Musslewhite, Jef Lee Johnson (check him out, folks), Dave Posmontier, Kit Walker and a long list of others I'm too lazy to put right now. Peace! 


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