Al Moretti Bio 


Al Moretti is a painting jazz musician, trumpeter, and composer. He is an artistic soul who has devoted his entire life to the arts. While spending the majority of his time creating magic with music he’s now turned his artistic focus to painting.

Heavily influenced by his musical experiences Moretti’s painting style and subjects reveal an intense passion for music and music makers.

In addition to painting his favorite influential musicians, Moretti continually hits on the theme of unity in the arts.

The language, theory, form, structure, emotion and feelings of music conduct themselves thru all his work. His approach to painting draws on this musical experience as he views colors as musical tones.  This applies to overall tonal makeup and to the individual tone colors.

For Moretti playing music awakens his mind to color and his painting purposes to make colors sing.

His palette is usually of a high pitch with strong contrasts presenting in abstraction while guiding the eye with real imagery.

Though his musical and artistic accomplishments stretch back to the 1970s and the early avant-garde music scene, Moretti is best known for his jazz performances with Pat Martino, Ron Thomas, Gerald Veasley and others.  In addition to his composition performances with the Victory Jazz Quartet, Moretti is now creating exciting new works in acrylic medium. 

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