Artist Statement

I am a painting jazz musician, trumpeter, and composer.  When I paint, I think of sound, and when I play music, I think of colors.  Rhythm, harmony, articulation, dynamics, and phrasing become part of my creative decisions.  Even the color choices are informed by their related musical tones.  Yellow, for example, when reduced from light vibration to sound vibration sounds the tone Bb, a prominent color and tone in my life.                 

My musical experiences inspire my subject choices and style. The connection I have with an artist’s music energizes me to create something new and fresh.  When I paint, I surround

myself in the music and the attitudes of the artist whose portrait I am painting. I reflect on the language, theory, form, and emotional passion of my subject’s music.                                            

Music and art are two worlds that continuously intersect in my mind.  Though my musical and artistic accomplishments stretch back to the 1970s, I am creating exciting new works in acrylic medium: painting musical icons and themes that have influenced my life and career.

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