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Up Coming Art Shows 



Gallery 222, Malvern, PA Show runs August 12th to September 2nd.

Here a preview of some of the pieces I will be showing. Online show.

To see the pieces I'm sending Click here. 

Rehoboth Beach Summer Art Show, August 1-2, 8-9 Moved to online sale.


Chester County Studio Tour,  Saturday September 19th & Sunday September 20th.  10AM to 5PM. Open studio at 220 Linden Street, West Chester Borough.  Finally a live show.

New Music Published

I have just published several of my Victory Jazz Quartet compositions for Intermediate Piano.  Origin, High Time, Storm King, Streamin' Thru, Let Me Tell Ya, and more, can be found here at JWPepper

Nearly all of the pieces in that CD will be adapted for solo piano.

They are available as eprint so you can download them right away.

Right now they are available as individual solos and I will be offering them all together as a book.  

Painting Galleries 

Pop Images

Pictured here is Stevie Ray Vaughn, blues giant. One of the most enjoyable of the blue greats on guitar.  His command of the instrument and hard charging blues style continues rings out today.  Ever the showman Stevie Ray rarely disappoints.

16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas, Framed. 


Jazz Images

Jazz Piano giant, Art Tatum.  His influence and inspiration is still being felt today. His technique is said to have developed during his early years when he attempted to learn piano by playing along with piano rolls for two players. Acrylic 16"x20" on canvas.




Dancers from Ballet and Operas that inspire. Solo and group portraits in motion and repose. 24x24" Acrylic on canvas board.


Young Blue ~ 24"x24"  Acrylic on Wood Panel.  Beautifully and simply framed it is ready to hang. I really enjoy painting horses.  They are so majestic and beautiful creatures.  Their lines and curves, shadows and arches have been an inspirations to the worlds greatest artists.

Great American Composers

Pictured here is Great American Composer and Ultra Modernist, Henry Cowell. See our Great American Composer ~  Copland, Bernstein, Carter, Joplin, Ives, Cage, Cowell, Griffes, Ellington, Gershwin, Sessions, Diamond, Sousa Barber, Piston

16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas Paintings.

See all of the School Composer Series Posters  here at JWPepper. 

Great Women Composers

Marie-Juliette Olga "Lili" Boulanger (1893-1918) was a French composer, the younger sister of the noted composer and composition teacher Nadia Boulanger, and the first female winner of the Prix de Rome composition prize. A remarkable talent evident at 2 years old when she was discovered to have perfect pitch. Here she is picture 16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas.  One of the truely great composers of the early 20th century.

See all of the School Composer Series Posters  here at JWPepper. 

Still Life

The Empty Chair - 12"x12" Oil on Wood Panel.  The empty chair is often seen as a powerful image of loss and anticipation.  Elijah's place is kept at Passover awaiting his return. The image also representing loved ones taken from us never to return. The chair is a reminder of them both.

I'm happy to announce that my painting, "The Trumpeter",  (Miles Davis) was selected by the West Chester Lamp Post Banner Project, Public Arts Commission to display in town.  Being included with the other 17 very accomplished artists is a real honor.                                                             

The "Trumpeter" can be seen on the corner of High and Market Street.


Commissions Available


The Sousa Conference Room at JWPepper just got a new addition.

Here's the painting I did of the "March King" that celebrates his great contributions to music. Sousa performed over 15,000 concerts, had 3 hit Broadway Musicals going at the same time and composed over 130 marches. He was also one of the earliest proponents of copyright protections for artists. Sousa has a remarkable connection to JWPepper.  He commissioned James Pepper to build a bass horn that they could use with his marching band.  Pepper, the Philadelphia based instrument maker,  created the very first over the shoulder bass horn that he call the "Sousaphone". 

49.5"x37.5" Acrylic on Wood Panel. Special thanks to Aaron Moretti for the frame.  Get the Poster here.


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