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I am a painting jazz musician, trumpeter, and composer.  When I paint, I think of sound, and when I play music, I think of colors.  Rhythm, harmony, articulation, dynamics, and phrasing become part of my creative decisions.  Even the color choices are informed by their related musical tones.  Yellow, for example, when reduced from light vibration to sound vibration sounds the tone Bb, a prominent color and tone in my life.                 

My musical experiences inspire my subject choices and style. The connection I have with an artist’s music energizes me to create something new and fresh.  When I paint, I surround

myself in the music and the attitudes of the artist whose portrait I am painting. I reflect on the language, theory, form, and emotional passion of my subject’s music.                                            

Music and art are two worlds that continuously intersect in my mind.  Though my musical and artistic accomplishments stretch back to the 1970s, I am creating exciting new works in acrylic medium: painting musical icons and themes that have influenced my life and career.


Original Paintings, Prints, and Commissions ~

Up Coming Art Shows 


Yellow Springs Art Show,  Chester Springs, April 25 to May 10th Cancelled


West Chester University, Knauer Gallery, Swope Music Building, June 5th to July 1

Gallery 222, Malvern, PA June 10- July 1st


Rehoboth Beach Summer Art Show, August 1-2, 8-9


Chester County Studio Tour,  Rescheduled to September 19 & 20

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Painting Galleries 

New Images

Here is a quick look at my most recent paintings. I'll try to keep these here for a month or two then move them into the appropriate galleries.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

Pictured is "Riders on the Storm"  24"x24" Acrylic on Panel.  


Jazz Images

Jazz saxophonist, composer and musical innovator John Coltrane.  His influence and inspiration is still being felt today. To hear him play was a wonder. His sound alone was rich in beauty, content and texture. Here is his iconic portrait 30x40" Acrylic on canvas board. 


Pop Images

Janis Joplin  One of the most iconic rock stars of the 20th century whose short career flamed out far too quickly. Her energetic and powerful performances were emblematic of the highly charged times she lived in. Her passion for music was contagious and striking.

16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas, Framed. 


Dancers from Ballet and Operas that inspire. Solo and group portraits in motion and repose. 24x24" Acrylic on canvas board.


Young Blue ~ 24"x24"  Acrylic on Wood Panel.  Beautifully and simply framed it is ready to hang. I really enjoy painting horses.  They are so majestic and beautiful creatures.  Their lines and curves, shadows and arches have been an inspirations to the worlds greatest artists.

Great American Composers

Pictured here is Great American Composer and Ultra Modernist, Henry Cowell. See our Great American Composer ~  Copland, Bernstein, Carter, Joplin, Ives, Cage, Cowell, Griffes, Ellington, Gershwin, Sessions, Diamond, Sousa Barber, Piston

16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas Paintings.

Great Women Composers

Marie-Juliette Olga "Lili" Boulanger (1893-1918) was a French composer, the younger sister of the noted composer and composition teacher Nadia Boulanger, and the first female winner of the Prix de Rome composition prize. A remarkable talent evident at 2 years old when she was discovered to have perfect pitch. Here she is picture 16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas.  One of the truely great composers of the early 20th century.

Still Life

The Empty Chair - 12"x12" Oil on Wood Panel.  The empty chair is often seen as a powerful image of loss and anticipation.  Elijah's place is kept at Passover awaiting his return. The image also representing loved ones taken from us never to return. The chair is a reminder of them both.

I'm happy to announce that my painting, "The Trumpeter",  (Miles Davis) was selected by the West Chester Lamp Post Banner Project, Public Arts Commission to display in town.  Being included with the other 17 very accomplished artists is a real honor.                                                             All the banners are now up! 

The "Trumpeter" can be seen on the corner of High and Market Street.


Commissions Available


The Sousa Conference Room at JWPepper just got a new addition.

Here's the painting I did of the "March King" that celebrates his great contributions to music. Sousa performed over 15,000 concerts, had 3 hit Broadway Musicals going at the same time and composed over 130 marches. He was also one of the earliest proponents of copyright protections for artists. Sousa has a remarkable connection to JWPepper.  He commissioned James Pepper to build a bass horn that they could use with his marching band.  Pepper, the Philadelphia based instrument maker,  created the very first over the shoulder bass horn that he call the "Sousaphone". 

49.5"x37.5" Acrylic on Wood Panel. Special thanks to Aaron Moretti for the frame.  Get the Poster here.


Victory Jazz Quartet ~ Origin Personnel

This exceptional group is lead by Composer Al Moretti on Flugelhorn, with Ron Thomas Keyboard, Chico Huff Bass and Glenn Ferracone Drums.  Their music is built on a foundation of Jazz Rock Fusion gleaned from years of experience. Members have played with  world class artists such as Pat Martino, Eric Kloss, Joey DeFrancesco, James Taylor, Stan Getz,  Charles Frambraugh and more. Victory Jazz Quartet CD  “Origin”  released 2014i s getting National airplay and can be heard locally in the Philadelphia area on WRTI.   Origin CD

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